Love Hurts Like Hell

“Horns” is a fantasy film directed by Alexandre Aja, based on a novel written by Joe Hill (the son of legendary author Stephen King).

Kelly Brook in Piranha 3D
Kelly Brook in Piranha 3D

Aja’s previous directorial movies include horror films “The Hills Have Eyes” and “Mirrors”, as well as comedy horror film “Piranha 3D”. Whilst the latter is perhaps not what one midght call a brilliant film, it certainly ticks the boxes if you’re looking for undemanding entertainment that doesn’t require much thought, makes you chuckle, and has the added bonus of the fabulous Kelly Brook in a rather fetching red bikini…

Back to the movie at hand. “Horns” stars Daniel Radcliffe, still most famous for his portrayal of Harry Potter, as Iggy Perrish. Iggy wakes one morning, a year after his girlfriend, Merrin Williams (played by Juno Temple) was raped and murdered, to find two protrusions growing from his forehead.

Juno Temple as Merrin
Juno Temple as Merrin

The whole town in which he lives believe that Iggy is responsible for Merrin’s death, and that he has got away with it, and even Iggy himself cannot be 100% sure that he didn’t do it during a drunken blackout.

He goes to see a doctor about the horns he is sprouting, and very quickly discovers that everyone has a compulsion to tell him their deepest darkest secrets, and can even influence them to act upon these desires.

As the film progresses, Iggy is able to use the paranormal power of his horns to gradually track down Merrin’s real killer – with devastating results.

Daniel Radcliffe as Iggy
Daniel Radcliffe as Iggy

I have seen reviews of this film that complain of a lack of focus, or that the film doesn’t seem to know if it wants to be a comedy, a paranormal film, a horror film, a murder mystery, etc.

Actually, I felt that this was a positive thing – there are some very funny moments, some that are poignant, tense, violent, tragic, touching. Much like life itself, there are many different moods in this film, but for me, underpinning everything else, it was a love story that showed how deep, passionate, heartbreaking and even brutal that love can be.

“Horns” also stars Max Minghella as Iggy’s friend Lee, Joe Anderson as Iggy’s brother Terry, Kelli Garner as Glenna, and Heather Graham as Veronica.

Recommended viewing!


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