Men In Hope

“Muzi V Nadeji”, which translates as “Men In Hope”, is a Czech film written and directed by Jirí Vejdelek, and seems to be a sort of sequel to his earlier film, “Women In Temptation”.

Muzi V Nadeji (Men In Hope)

The film is a romantic comedy, with an interesting idea – that a husband having an extra-marital affair can actually make his wife happier as a result.

Rudolf (played by Boleslav Polívka), a 60-something semi-retired taxi driver, is a serial adulterer, and is convinced that his wife is happier as a result. He perceives that his son-in-law, Ondřej (Jiří Macháček), who is under some pressure from his wife Alice (Petra Hřebíčková) to conceive a baby, is unhappy with life and was therefore making Alice unhappy too.

Petra Hrebickova and Jiri Machacek
Petra Hrebickova and Jiri Machacek

The solution, according to Rudolf, is for Ondřej to cheat on Alice. He tells Ondřej that “…women like a challenge.  So for the sake of your marriage you’re going to have to cheat on your wife…”.

When he is asked if his wife, Marta, knows that Rudolf cheats on her regularly, he replies that “…whether she does or not, it does not matter. It’s not who one’s with but who one comes back to. And Alice’s mom knows that I always come back to her, that I make her happy, that I keep things interesting with her both in and out of the sack, that I always keep her guessing and always, always leave her with a smile on her face…” That’s unusual advice from a father-in-law for sure!

This advice is imparted one night at a pool hall, when Ondřej turns up for a pool game that Rudolf had organised with him, not realising that Rudolf was actually just wanting an alibi for meeting yet another woman himself that night.

Vica Kerekes and Bolek Polivka
Vica Kerekes and Bolek Polivka

The woman in question is Šarlota, a young dancer, played by Vica Kerekes. Vica strikes me as a hybrid physically between Christina Hendricks and Kelly Reilly, and is stunning in this movie.

Indeed, if any woman were to tempt me to follow Rudolph’s advice, Vica would certainly give me pause for thought!

Vica Kerekes
Vica Kerekes

The arrival of Šarlota at the pool table brings with it the sexiest scene in the movie as, when she struggles to play the game because her hair falls in her eyes, she removes her thong to tie her hair back with, much to the obvious delight of both Rudolf and Ondřej.

It later becomes clear that although Šarlota had arranged to meet Rudolf, she had taken a shine to Ondřej. They begin an affair, which has the effect of rejuvenating Ondřej and giving him more confidence. Then Šarlota moves in next door, and things become gradually even more complicated from there on in!

Bolek Polivka, Vica Kerekes and Jiri Machacek
Bolek Polivka, Vica Kerekes and Jiri Machacek

There are some very funny moments indeed in this movie, and some rather touching and thoughtful ones too. I will not divulge any more with regards to the plot, suffice it to say that there are a few twists and turns, and overall this is a fun and entertaining movie well worth a viewing.

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