The Pale Emperor

Manson-nowy-albumControversial rocker Marilyn Manson has just released his latest album, “The Pale Emperor”, his ninth studio album and first since 2012’s “Born Villain”

Manson, self-styled “God Of Fuck”, has been on somewhat of a commercial, and in my opinion, creative decline since “The Golden Age Of Grotesque” way back in 2003 – I certainly don’t feel that the three subsequent albums (“Eat Me, Drink Me”, “The High End Of Low” and “Born Villain”) have come close to matching “The Golden Age Of Grotesque” in terms of content. How, then, does “The Pale Emperor” fare in comparison?

Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson

Given that we have been promised a return to form more than once in recent years, only to be sadly disappointed, it was a very pleasant experience sitting down and listening to the new record from start to finish.

Whilst there is nothing quite up to the standard of “mOBSCENE” or “This Is The New Shit”, this is still a very good album, with distinct echoes of Manson’s earlier work together with touches of “Songs Of Faith And Devotion”-era Depeche Mode, from the lead track “Killing Strangers”, through the single “Deep Six” and standout cuts such as “The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles”, “Slave Only Dreams To Be King”, “Cupid Carries A Gun” and my personal favourite “The Devil Beneath My Feet”

Looks like Manson has made good on his promise of a return to form at last!

2hoy7nn“The Pale Emperor” tracklist:

1. Killing Strangers / 2. Deep Six / 3. Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge / 4. The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles / 5. Warship My Wreck / 6. Slave Only Dreams To Be King / 7. The Devil Beneath My Feet / 8. Birds Of Hell Awaiting / 9.  Cupid Carries A Gun / 10. Odds Of Even / 11. Day 3 / 12. Fated, Faithful, Fatal / 13. Fall Of The House Of Death

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