After The Ceremony Comes The Ritual

Honeymoon“Honeymoon” is a 2014 psychological horror film, directed by Leigh Janiak as her debut feature.

Rose Leslie & Harry Treadaway
Rose Leslie & Harry Treadaway

Newlyweds Paul (Harry Treadaway – “Cockneys Vs Zombies”, “The Lone Rangers” and Bea (Rose Leslie – “Game Of Thrones”, “Downton Abbey”) head off to spend their honeymoon in a rustic cabin, belonging to Rose’s family, in secluded woodland near a lake.

Harry Treadaway & Rose Leslie
Harry Treadaway & Rose Leslie

Clearly very much in love, the couple are looking forward to spending some time together away from the city, enjoying their surroundings and fishing on the lake.

They visit a local restaurant, and inside encounter a very agitated man, Will, who says that the restaurant is closed. Once he has calmed down he recognises Bea as a friend from summer holidays during his youth and introduces the pair to his wife, Annie – who also appears somewhat out of sorts – before getting them something to eat.

One night Paul discovers that Bea has vanished from the cabin at 3:45 AM and eventually discovers her standing naked in the forest, having seemingly been sleepwalking.

Harry Treadaway & Rose Leslie
Harry Treadaway & Rose Leslie

He notices strange marks on her legs, and Bea starts to become withdrawn, rejecting Paul, and acting strangely. It’s not long before Paul starts to seriously question just exactly what is going on. This is an unsettling development, effectively depicted, and the two leads play their parts very well – showing compellingly how quickly a grain of suspicion or a secret can start a growing rift in a relationship.

As Bea continues to be evasive, Paul becomes sure that whatever happened that night in the woods had something to do with Will. The truth, though, is much more frightening…

honeymoon-502434lAs the characters of Will and Annie only appear in the film briefly, this is essentially a two character movie, and both Treadaway and Leslie do an admirable job in conveying their respective roles, and the journeys that their characters take. Well worth an hour and a half of your time to watch…


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