The Right Place To Do Wrong

“The Loft” is a 2014 thriller film, directed by Erik Van Looy, and is a remake of the 2008 Dutch language movie “Loft” which was also directed by Van Looy.

loft_ver2_xlgFive married men secretly share an upmarket apartment, the loft, which they use for discreet affairs and to indulge their fantasies – thus avoiding the need for hotel rooms and awkward to explain credit card payments.

Wentworth Miller, Mar
Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, Karl Urban, Matthias Schoenaerts & Chris Marsden

The five – Vincent (Karl Urban – “Dredd”, “Star Trek”), Chris (James Marsden – “Straw Dogs”, “Accidental Love”), Chris’s half-brother Philip (Matthias Schoenaerts “The Drop”, and the original version of “Loft”), Luke (Wentworth Miller – “Prison Break”) and Marty (Eric Stonestreet – “Modern Family”) – each have one of the only five security-protected keys for the apartment.

Amerikaanse-release-The-Loft-1When Luke walks into the apartment one morning to find the bloodied corpse of a young woman handcuffed to the bed, with a latin inscription meaning “Fate Will Unite Us” daubed on the headboard in blood, things begin to quickly unravel.

Once they are all present at the loft, the men start to realise that they not know each other as well as they originally believed and begin to suspect each other of having committed the crime, and also of the possibility that someone is trying to frame them. Nonetheless, they remain very keen to keep their knowledge and use of the loft a secret from the outside world.

Told through a mixture of scenes from the present and flashbacks throughout the previous twelve months, we gradually learn more about the relationships between the five, with their respective wives.

Rachael Taylor
Rachael Taylor

Added to the mix we discover distraction for Chris, who is a psychiatrist, in the shape of Anne Morris (Rachel Taylor – “666 Park Avenue”, “Grey’s Anatomy”), the sister of a deceased former client.

Recently married Philip’s father-in-law is a rich and powerful property developer with secrets of his own to hide, and Philip has a younger sister of whom he is very protective.

Isabel Lucas
Isabel Lucas

Vincent is entangled with a young woman named Sarah Deakins (Isabel Lucas – “Immortals”, “Transformers – Revenge Of The Fallen”) who may want more than Vincent is prepared to give, and Marty has a habit of getting drunk and being less than discrete.

All told, this is not a bad thriller. There are plenty of possible murder suspects and motives for the murder and potential set-up, which enables the makers to lead our thoughts in different directions as the various strands of the story are gradually revealed, leading to more than one unexpected outcome…



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