When Leaving Is Murder…

“Marriage is a prison for Kelly.

Her controlling and manipulative husband Christos videos her in the house, has her followed and tracks her every move. She may be desperate to leave, but she’s not stupid. If she runs, he’ll make sure she never sees her children again.

Christos has a mistress, Sylvie, keen to pander to his every whim and teven keener to step into Kelly’s shoes, should she ever vacate them. Kelly thinks it’s stalemate for their twisted threesome, but one of Christos’s container ships is about to dock in London with a secret cargo that will change all their lives forever. If Kelly is to escape, it will be in a way she never imagined, and people will get hurt…”

{1D3B0ADE-6572-4C48-9DEB-977AB1A8981A}Img100 (1)“Until Death” is the third novel by English author Ali Knight, a former journalist.

Ali Knight
Ali Knight

Kelly Malamatos is trapped in a marriage she wants out of. She is practically a prisoner in her own home. Her husband, Christos, is a powerful but abusive man. Owner of a shipping company, he has the resources, and ruthlessness, to keep Kelly just where he wants her. His name and reputation must be upheld and he will use whatever means are necessary – including Kelly’s children – to do just that.

Georgie Bell is a young customs official working on an investigation into an illegal shipment of Brazilian rosewood found on one of Christos’s ships. She is convinced that there is more than wood being brought in.

Sylvie Lockhart is Christos’s PA and mistress. She is determined to take Kelly’s place at Christos’s side, and will go to incredible lengths to achieve and protect her goal.

All three women’s lives and destinies become intertwined in this complicated and enthralling tale, where little is what it first seems to be, as figures and events from Kelly’s past life come back to impact on the present in ways that no one would have thought possible.

AliKnight_until-death-bannerI really enjoyed this book. The characters seem real, as there is enough emotional depth within the words on the page to make you want to make sure that right triumphs over wrong in the end.

Although the plot is quite complicated I think this just adds to the sense of suspense as you get swept along with events. A worthwhile read…


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