We Can All Lose Control

On 27th March 2015 an Argentine / Spanish black comedy anthology film, called “Wild Tales”, was released in the UK. Due to the tragic events just three days earlier when a Germanwings plane crash took place in the French Alps, cinemas added a viewer warning, stating that “Wild Tales features a sequence that some customers might find disturbing”.


Written and directed by Damián Szifrón, the film comprises of six separate tales on the theme of revenge.

Darío Grandinetti María Marull
Darío Grandinetti & María Marull

The first, prior to the credits, is titled “Pasternak”. This is the one that the BFI etc. were worried might upset people. Although filmed in 2014 there are parallels with what happened on flight 4U9525 so I can appreciate the concerns. Two people – Isabel (María Marull -“Antes Del Estreno”) and Salgado (Darío Grandinetti – “Talk To Her”) are amongst a group of people of a plane flight discover mid-air that they all have a connection with a man named Gabriel Pasternak, a would-be musician and composer who has been denied his dream by a complete lack of talent but who holds many figures from his past culpable. From there, things get worse…

Julieta Zylberberg
Julieta Zylberberg

Act two is entitled “The Rats” and concerns Moza (Julieta Zylberberg – “The Invisible Eye”), a waitress who finds that one night in her diner she must serve a corrupt politician who drove her father to suicide and whose subsequent pursuit of her mother forced them to move to another town.

Leonardo Sbaraglia
Leonardo Sbaraglia

“The Strongest” is a case of road rage driven to an absurd, and blackly comic, conclusion. When one driver, Mario (Walter Donado – “The Road To San Diego”) stops another, Diego (Leonardo Sbaraglia – “Intacto”) from passing on the highway it leads, bit by bit, to a fiery conclusion.

Ricardo Darin
Ricardo Darin

The fourth story, “Little Bomb”, features a demolitions expert, Simón Fischer (Ricardo Darin – “The Secret In Their Eyes”) who finds his car has been towed away whilst he is collecting a cake for his daughter’s birthday – ensuring that he ends up getting to the party once it’s all but finished.

Oscar Martínez
Oscar Martínez

A pregnant woman has been killed in a hit and run accident in “The Proposal”, after which the guilty young man’s father, Mauricio (Oscar Martínez – “Don’t Die Without Telling Me Where You’re Going”) attempts to arrange, along with his wife, lawyer and the prosecutor,  for their groundsman to take the blame, for a price.

Érica Rivas

The final, and perhaps best, segment is “Until Death Do Us Part”. Here, a newly-wed bride, Romina (Érica Rivas – “Casados Con Hijos”) discovers, during her wedding party, that her husband, Ariel (Diego Gentile – “Plan V”) has been having an affair with a work colleague.

It’s impossible to say much more about the specifics of the stories without giving too much away. However, each starts mundanely enough before events conspire to make someone snap. Once that happens things take a dark, and often violent, turn.

Anthology films can be hit and miss affairs, as often not all the tales hit the spot. Here, however, each story is engaging and entertaining and make for excellent viewing…5cafbfbb7d0356ef18369596a48b17bd


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