The Truth Can Kill…

“Five years ago, someone murdered DI Charlotte Savage’s daughter and got away with it. Now the secret’s out.

But before Charlotte can get her revenge, disturbing events start to unfold on Dartmoor…

A woman’s naked body is found near an isolated reservoir on the bleak winter moors. When the woman’s housemate also goes missing, Charlotte knows she must move fast.

But in a police force tainted by corruption, Charlotte’s hunt for the killer won’t be easy.

And resisting her own urge to kill will be ever harder…”


Mark Sennen
Mark Sennen

Author Mark Sennen was born in Epsom but lived on a smallholding in Shropshire whilst he was a teenager. Having studied cultural studies at University, Sennen has since been a drummer, a farmer and a programmer. He now lives in Devon having turned to writing.

“Tell Tale” is the fourth crime novel in a series featuring DI Charlotte Savage. I haven’t read any of the previous three books in the series, but that doesn’t impact on being able to read this one since it tells you everything you need to know and could function equally well as a standalone novel.

The prologue introduces the character of Chubber – an overweight man who seems to suffering from some sort of mental condition – who almost stumbles right into a group of figures performing some kind of ritual around some standing stones on Dartmoor late one night. Following this he has an encounter with the mysterious Antler Man.

tell-tale-blog-tour-bannerFrom the start of chapter one we are introduced to a variety of characters and a girl’s clothes are found at the edge of a reservoir at Fernworthy. It’s not long before her body appears, and then another girl goes missing…

Once the police start investigating there are a number of different strands to keep us entertained and to complicate the plot just enough, including a sexy local TV presenter, sheep rustling, pony sacrifices, Satanists, a local MP, revenge, conspiracy, ley lines and Eastern European girls working in a cafe.

I thought this was a very well plotted and written book, and it kept me interested throughout. The characters were well described and nicely rounded so you got a feeling for who they really were not just a superficial description. Although I was less sure about part of the climax in the final chapter, specifically in terms of the helicopter (can’t say more than that without giving too much away!) the epilogue did however redress the balance.

Mark Sennen
Mark Sennen

I was drawn to this book initially at least in part due to the more rural setting but quickly found the hints of occultism engaging too. Of course, one may argue that some of the traits associated with the Satanists in this story pander to the tabloid perception of sacrifices etc. Regardless, the story is well written and the goings-on described add to the overall very positive reading experience…


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