Every Situation Is A Grave Situation

“Dead Bodies” is an Irish black comedy / drama film from 2003, directed by Robert Quinn (“Graveyard Clay”).


Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott

Tommy McGann (Andrew Scott – “Sherlock”, “The Stag”) wakes up the morning after a party that he has crashed. When he goes home to his flat he discovers that his selfish, annoying and bitchy ex-girlfriend Jean has let herself into the flat, fully expecting them to resume their relationship, as she has fallen out with her mum.

Katy Davis
Katy Davis

Having dumped her, Tommy isn’t overly keen on the idea, but a vigorous bout of sex with Jean (Katy Davis – “Love… Another Four Letter Word”) persuades him. However, Jean’s constant demands and annoying behaviour are soon too much for him to bear and they break up again and end up in a massive argument. Having had enough, Tommy pushes his ex-ex-girlfriend out of his way and leaves the flat, heading for the gym to exercise his frustrations away.

Darren Healy
Darren Healy

When he returns after dark, Tommy finds that, unbeknownst to him, Jean had fallen when he pushed her earlier, hit her head on the heavy glass coffee table and died. Convinced that the police will think he killed her on purpose, Tommy enlists his best friend Noel (Darren Healy – “The Guard”) to help him cover up Jean’s death.

Tommy borrows Noel’s car and takes Jean’s body out into the woods to bury her. When he digs the grave, however, he finds a corpse that has already been buried! Nonetheless, Tommy buries Jean in the grave and then reports her missing to the police.

Sean McGinley
Sean McGinley

It’s not long before a woman walking her dog stumbles across the shallow grave, leading Detective Inspector Wheeler (Sean McGinley – “Shrooms”, “The Fall”) to investigate the death of Jean and the other woman in the grave, who turns out to be the missing wife of a local politician, Gordon Ellis (Gerard McSorley – “Blood Creek”), whose disappearance Wheeler worked on several years previously.

Kelly Reilly
Kelly Reilly

Meanwhile, Tommy’s flirty friendship with psychology student Viv McCormack (Kelly Reilly – “Set Fire To The Stars”, “A Single Shot”) develops into something more as he hopes that he is rid of Jean once and for all.

Nothing’s that simple however, as his deception over Jean’s disappearance and the hidden secrets and agendas of others threaten to put a spanner in the works.

To say more would spoil the twists and turns that are to come. Suffice it to say that although it’s more drama than comedy, there is still plenty of humour to be found here. Scott is excellent as the hapless Tommy and Reilly portrays her changing character very well too.

Not the best film I’ve ever seen, but certainly a decent enough way to be entertained for 88 minutes…



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