One Night. Two Men. Three Hostages… No Clue

Today I watched a new movie from director Keri Collins, written by Simon Fantauzzo (“City Rats”), a comedy film called “Convenience”.

382ddba013984004f4ff618cb239f4acShaan (Adeel Akhtar – “Four Lions”) arrives home at the flat he shares with his best friend A.J. (Ray Panthaki – “Screwed”) being chased by Russian heavies.

It turns out that, in an attempt to find somewhere to read his book, he has somehow managed to stumble into the Russians’ strip club and rack up a bill of £8,552.62!

Adeel Akhtar
Adeel Akhtar

In order to come up with the money to pay of the Russians, they decide that the best course of action is to hold up the local all-night petrol station. Unfortunately there is very little money in the till, and the safe is on a time lock until 6:00 AM the next morning.

Ray Panthanki
Ray Panthaki

Naturally, they tie up the manager and a customer in the office, intending to wait overnight until the safe unlocks itself, and pull on staff uniforms in order to avoid suspicion from any customers that may come in. When regular cashier Levi (Vicky McClure – “This Is England“, “Broadchurch”) reappears from the stockroom she mistakes the pair for new trainees and sets them to work…

Vicky McClure
Vicky McClure

There are cameos from the likes of Anthony Head (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer”) and Verne Troyer (“Austin Powers”), and a whole host of characters that come in to the garage during the night.

The chemistry between Panthaki, Akhtar and McClure is great, and they convey their roles brilliantly and with great comedic timing. The reveal as to how the two boys managed to have guns to hold up the garage with is superbly handled too.

This is a really good, very funny film. Far better than I expected from a low-budget British comedy film and viewing it is highly recommended!


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