Wanting Her Was His First Mistake

The latest film viewed here in the shadows was a new thriller directed by Elizabeth Allen (“Aquamarine”) entitled “Careful What You Wish For”.


Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas

Doug Martin (Nick Jonas – “Camp Rock 2 : The Final Jam”) is a straight A type of student. He comes from a good family, does well at school, and is generally a nice guy. Oh, and he’s a virgin.

Graham Rogers & Nick Jonas
Graham Rogers & Nick Jonas

During the summer break his friend Carson (Graham Rogers – “Love & Mercy”) wants to get Doug laid. There are lots of hot girls around the lakeside where they live and Carson figures that even if they get knocked back by nine out of ten girls there’s still enough for them to have fun.

Isabel Lucas Dermot Mulroney
Isabel Lucas & Dermot Mulroney

Things look up for Doug, however, when a new couple move in next door. Elliott Harper (Dermot Mulroney – “Stoker”) is a wealthy investment banker with a younger wife, Lena (Isabel Lucas – “The Loft”) who takes Doug’s breath away.

Isabel Lucas
Isabel Lucas

When Elliott asks Doug, as a keen sailor and being good with boats, to do some restorative work on his boat, Doug is only too happy to earn some money and be able to sneak looks at Lena whilst he does so.

Nick Jonas Isabel Lucas
Nick Jonas & Isabel Lucas

It’s not long before things start to heat up between the innocent Doug and the more worldly and experienced Lena, who has told him all about the abuse she suffers at the hands of her controlling husband, and they begin a torrid affair.

Kandyse McClure
Kandyse McClure

Things begin to spiral out of control for Doug though, when murder, a US$10 million life insurance claim and a dogged insurance investigator, Angie Alvarez (Kandyse McClure – “Broken Kingdom”) enter the frame and he finds himself completely out of his depth.

There was some nice camera work and decent sets, though the disparity between the homes of Doug’s family and Elliott’s property right next door was perhaps stretching things a little.

Much of this movie was somewhat generic and predictable, I felt. Added to that, the chemistry between the two leads didn’t really spark so that you would buy into their red-hot love affair – though one could argue that some of that is due to how the plot played out?

There were definite hints of “Body Heat” and “Wild Things” at play here and, whilst I will admit that the final twist was something of a surprise, I think it was a little let down by obviousness and lack of believability found in the majority of the movie prior to that point…



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