The Invisible Woman

Last night my wife and I watched a Portuguese language film, “A Mulher Invisível” (which translates as “The Invisible Woman”), a 2009 comedy film from Brazil. The film was written and directed by Cláudio Torres (“A Man From The Future”).


Selton Mello
Selton Mello

Pedro (Selton Mello – “The Clown”) is a sensitive and romantic soul who loves his wife and wants to have children with her. When he tells her this, however, he is distraught to find that she wants a divorce because their life is too happy and smooth. She then announces that she is pregnant, that the father is a German millionaire and that she is leaving immediately.

Maria Manoella
Maria Manoella

Next door neighbour Vitória (Maria Manoella – “Delicate Crime”), who is frustrated and neglected by her policeman husband listens to Pedro through the walls longs for the romance that she hears from him.

Vladimir Brichta
Vladimir Brichta

Pedro works for the traffic department in Rio De Janeiro with his brother Carlos (Vladimir Brichta – “Tapas & Beijos”) who tries to cheer Pedro up. However Pedro is devastated by his wife’s departure and hides himself away from the world, quitting his job and not leaving his flat for months.

Luana Piovani Selton Mello
Luana Piovani & Selton Mello

One day a woman, Amanda (Luana Piovani – “Família Vende Tudo”) knocks on his door asking for a cup of sugar and saying that she is his neighbour. Pedro collapses, and when he wakes he discovers that Amanda has been looking after him. Before long they have fallen madly in love with each other.

Meanwhile Vitória’s husband has died and she’s set her sights on the romantic Pedro. She is reluctant to knock on his door, however, especially having heard him talking to Amanda.

Selton Mello
Selton Mello & Luana Piovani

Amanda is sexy, loves football, tidies and cleans his flat and is completely devoted to Pedro. The problem is that no one else seems to be able to see or hear her…

This was a great film – very entertaining. Both my wife and I found the plot to be clever and very well portrayed.

amiSometimes foreign language films can be tricky to watch due to having to read the subtitles as well as watching the action, but in this case the movie was a joy for us to watch – similar to how we’d found “Muzi V Nadeji”.

Highly recommended fun…


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