A Tsunami Just Flipped The Foodchain

The movie that I watched last night was “Bait”, an Australian based action horror film from 2013 directed by Kimble Rendall (“Cut”).


The opening scenes see lifeguard Josh (Xavier Samuel – “The Loved Ones”) being woken in his truck by fellow lifeguard Rory (Richard Brancatisano – “The Elephant Princess”).

Sharni Vinson & Xavier Samuel
Sharni Vinson & Xavier Samuel

While Rory goes out onto the water to set a buoy for Josh on his surfboard Josh goes to talk to his girlfriend Tina (Sharni Vinson – “You’re Next”), who is also Rory’s sister. While they talk a shark appears and kills a swimmer prompting Josh to jump on a jet ski to warn Rory who is unaware of what’s happened – but he can’t get to his friend quickly enough to save him from being killed too.

We pick up the story a year later, finding Josh now working in a supermarket, with Tina having gone to Singapore following Rory’s death.

Phoebe Tonkin & Martin Sacks
Phoebe Tonkin & Martin Sacks

On this fateful day he is surprised to see Tina in the store, having returned from Singapore. Also in the store are dysfunctional policeman father Todd (Martin Sacks – “Blue Heelers”) and shoplifter daughter Jaimie (Phoebe Tonkin – “H2O : Just Add Water”) and Jaimie’s boyfriend, Ryan (Alex Russell – “Unbroken”), who works in the supermarket with Josh.

Lincoln Lewis & Cariba Heine
Lincoln Lewis & Cariba Heine

Teenage lovers Kyle (Lincoln Lewis – “Tomorrow, When The War Began”) and Heather (Cariba Heine – “H2O : Just Add Water”) are making out in Kyle’s car in the supermarket’s underground car park.

Julian McMahon
Julian McMahon

Meanwhile, back up in the store, armed robbers Kirby (Dan Wyllie – “The Water Diviner”) and Doyle (Julian McMahon – “Nip/Tuck”) are attempting to force store manager Jessup (Adrian Pang – “Spy Game”) to hand over all the cash – resulting in the shooting of Jessup’s assistant manager.

Whilst all this is going on, a tsunami hits the nearby shoreline, the supermarket is flooded and many people are killed. The survivors climb onto the top of the shelving units, which are just clear of the water, and try to figure out a way to escape from the underwater store.

They soon realise that it’s not just the water that poses a risk to their lives – a great white shark is swimming in the water throughout the store and begins picking people off…

OK. This is not an Australian horror movie to rival the likes of “Wolf Creek”. Neither is it a so-bad-it’s-almost-genius-shark-movie like “Sharknado” (which actually came out after “Bait”).

This is a cheap and cheerful, don’t think too much about it, horror movie with (hopefully) tongue firmly in cheek. It’s daft and sometimes makes no sense – for example when the store gets flooded the water level reaches up to the top of the food shelving but the parking garage, under the store, still has plenty of airspace between the water and the roof?!

bait_ver2_xlgNot the best shark movie by a long way – not even a particularly good shark movie really – but it kills 93 minutes quite well, if there’s nothing else on!…


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