The Pulse Of Mourning


Today I have been listening to the new album from a new band – that is to say they’re new to me – Belgian metal band Thurisaz.

Peter Theuwen
Peter Theuwen

Formed back in May 1997 as Modilium, the band changed their name to Thurisaz around 2000, since when they had released three studio albums, “Scent Of A Dream” (2004), “Circadian Rhythm” (2007) and “The Cimmerian Years” (2011).

The band line-up comprises of original members Peter Theuwen (grunts / clean vocals / guitars), Mattias Theuwen (screams / guitars), Pepijn De Raeymaecker (drums), Kobe Canniere (keyboards / clean vocals) plus new boy Nick Meganck (bass).

Mattias Theuwen
Mattias Theuwen

Four years further on from “The Cimmerian Years” comes album number four, “The Pulse Of Mourning”. Described as avant-garde doom, black and death metal, this definitely does not fall into the easy listening category.

Pepijn De Raeymaecker
Pepijn De Raeymaecker

It’s challenging music and it demands attention. It’s bleak and dense and forlorn yet also strangely uplifting. The introductory “Longing…” is atmospheric and low-key but gives way to the furious blastbeats and screams of “…For A Change”.

Kobe Canniere
Kobe Canniere

First single, the quite epic “Patterns Of Life” is both intense and expansive, really quite progressive metal, showcasing differing aspects of the band’s sound – harsh and clean vocals, symphonic keyboards, heavy guitar riffs and a sample from Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” film too.

Nick Meganck
Nick Meganck

“Tangram” shows the band in a more introspective light, whereas “One Final Step” is another progressive tinged epic, and is almost cinematic in places.

The delicate acoustic guitar piece “Enslaved Dreams” leads into another very varied piece “In All Remembrance” before the closing “Stargaze” brings the record to an altogether more gentle ending.

This album is in some ways reminiscent of recent releases by Enslaved, Shining and A Forest Of Stars. Whilst it isn’t quite as impressive as either of those, this is still a strong sounding record and one well worth checking out…

11258000_10153331831104450_5914159114398143786_n“The Pulse Of Mourning” tracklist:

1. Longing… / 2. …For A Change / 3. Patterns Of Life / 4. Rays Of Light / 5. Tangram / 6. One Final Step / 7. Enslaved Dreams / 8. In All Remembrance / 9. Stargaze


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