Out Of The Shadows…

When I started this blog I had no set plan, and was under no illusion that anyone would be remotely interested in my musings.

I write first and foremost for myself, and with no agenda, so always write as honestly as I can, whether that means being positive or negative about something. As a result I have always been pleasantly surprised when someone has “liked” one of my posts. I never expected to have any kind of communication or feedback from anyone, but I do appreciate any and all comments that anyone reading anything here makes.

Given the above you can only imagine my surprise to find that in some cases what I have written has somehow come to the attention of the subject of my words.

nevill blogI wrote back in March about a book I had just read – Adam Nevill’s “No One Gets Out Alive” I was amazed to find some days later that I had received a comment from the author himself, thanking me for my review!

gorgoroth fbThen, after I’d rambled on a bit about Gorgoroth’s new album “Instinctus Bestialis” I was bemused to see a sudden huge spike in the number of visitors to my blog. Turns out that the band had put a link to my review on their own Facebook page. That seemed really bizarre. How did a black metal band from Norway stumble across my blog?

kix fbAnd then, just today, I found that another of my posts, covering the Lechlade Music Festival, had been shared and commented on by Welsh rock band The Kix on their Facebook page.

I suppose this demonstrates in some ways how small the world can be when something you write can be picked up on my someone anywhere around the globe. It’s really rather humbling!

As time has gone by I have tended to write more about music, film and books than anything else. That will probably remain the case, as I love all three. Music especially has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember and life without it would be a very odd thing! But I would like to expand what I write about, as and when inspiration strikes.

In the meantime, I am really glad when someone enjoys something that I have written, and very grateful when someone that I have written about takes the time and trouble to acknowledge it in some way. I’m sure that they have a million and one things to do that are more important than shining any kind of light on my insignificant ramblings, so would just like to say thanks to them for dragging my blog out of the shadows a little…


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