You Never Forget Your First Tattoo

Watched an interesting spin on the horror film torture type of movie (think “Hostel” et al) today with the debut film from writer / directors Devon Downs and Kenny Gage (“Raze”) – 2014’s “Anarchy Parlor” (originally titled “Parlor”).


Tiffany DeMarco
Tiffany DeMarco

Amy (Tiffany DeMarco – “Raze”) is on holiday in Vilnius, Lithuania with some friends. Whilst partying the night away in a local nightspot Amy goes looking for a vacant toilet and stumbles across a collection of  portrait paintings of the Cuzas family (which all feature an inverted cross in the corner hinting at an occult connection).

Ben Whalen
Tiffany DeMarco & Ben Whalen

Returning to the dance floor, she discovers that one of her friends, Brock (Ben Whalen – “The Coed And The Zombie Stoner”) getting together with a sexually aggressive tattoo artist, Uta.

Sara Fabel
Sara Fabel

Uta (model Sara Fabel) speaks enthusiastically about the parlor where she works and about her boss, enigmatically named the Artist. Brock decides to go to the tattoo parlour with Uta to get a tattoo to commemorate the trip. None of the others in the group want to go along, so in the end Amy decides to go too.

Robert LaSardo
Sara Fabel & Robert LaSardo

While Uta takes Brock to the basement and seduces him, the Artist (Robert LaSardo – “Death Race”, “Nip/Tuck”) talks to Amy about his work. What Amy doesn’t realise is that the Artist has spiked her drink, and when she wakes up she finds herself in the basement too, strapped to a table next to Brock…

Claire Garvey
Claire Garvey, Anthony Del Negro, Beth Humphreys, Robert LaSardo & Jordan James Smith

When the remaining four from the group realise that their two friends are missing the next morning they go looking for them at the tattoo parlour, but the Artist tells them that the pair left the night before.

Beth Humphreys
Beth Humphreys

Jesse (Jordan James Smith – “Living With Models”) tries to convince the other three to leave it at that but Stephanie (model Beth Humphreys), Kevin (Anthony Del Negro – “Deep In The Darkness”) and Kelly (Claire Garvey – “Northern Soul”) are sure something is wrong and determined to find their missing friends.

Joey Fisher
Joey Fisher

Suffice to say that when the trail leads back to the tattoo parlour the situation is not a terribly promising one for the group!

Gracie Finlan
Gracie Finlan

There is a lot of quite gory action in this movie, some of which is likely to have you looking away from the screen, plus a large helping of sexual activity, no doubt partly influencing the casting of glamour models – in addition to Beth Humphreys as Stephanie, stripper Zala is played by Joey Fisher and Amber by Gracie Finlan.

There is nothing terribly original about this film. It’s perfectly watchable and there are nice twists with the characters of Jesse and Amy but is unlikely to become a cult classic. Still, as I say, it’s perfectly watchable…



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