C.I.D. Isn’t What It Used To Be…

“It’s a been a bad week for acting Detective Inspector Logan McRae. Every time his unit turns up anything interesting, DCI Steel’s Major Investigation Team waltzes in and takes over, leaving CID with all the dull and horrible jobs.

Like dealing with Mrs. Black – who hates her neighbour, the police, and everyone else. Or identifying the homeless man who drank himself to death behind some bins. Or tracking down the wife and kids of someone who’s just committed suicide.

But when the dead bodies start turning up, one thing’s certain – Logan’s week is about to get a whole lot worse…”


I’ve just read “22 Dead Little Bodies”, a short novel by Stuart MacBride featuring his long-standing characters Logan McRae and Roberta Steel.

Although this is shorter read than MacBride’s usual McRae work that does not mean that there is any drop in standards.

Stuart MacBride
Stuart MacBride

Granted there are none of the usual crimes found in MacBride’s books to be solved here – no serial killers torturing and maiming their victims in the most gruesome manner etc. – but there are still a couple of murders for Police Scotland to solve. As Steel’s MIT take on such cases that means that CID (where McRae works) tends to be left with the less glamorous investigations.

As is usually the case, however, McRae finds himself doing a great deal of the work with Steel hovering around waiting to grab the glory!

In keeping with the main McRae series of books there is an update on the situation with McRae’s girlfriend Samantha, whilst the man himself manages to find himself getting in yet deeper with local crime boss Wee Hamish Mowat.

Equally important to the success of this novella is MacBride’s trademark humour. Somehow he manages to write some passages in such a way as to make me laugh out loud even as the bodies are piling up!

Readers unfamiliar with previous McRae stories may flounder a little in places, being unaware of the history of McRae, Steel, Mowat, etc., but for the most part they – and certainly anyone already familiar with these characters – should find much to enjoy here…


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