Following singer / guitarist Max Cavalera’s departure from Brazilian thrash metal band Sepultura in 1996 –  the band he’d formed with his drummer brother Igor twelve years previously – he formed a new band named Soulfly.

Max Cavalera
Max Cavalera

The band incorporate elements of tribal and world music into their metal sound and have released nine studio albums starting with 1998’s self-titled debut up to and including “Savages” in 2013.

Now comes the release of the band’s tenth record

Marc Rizzo
Marc Rizzo

“Archangel”, with the group’s line-up comprising Cavalera together with lead guitarist Marc Rizzo, drummer Zyon Cavalera (Max’s son) and bassist Tony Campos. Campos has left the band since recording sessions finished to join Fear Factory, and has been replaced with Igor Cavalera Jr. as bassist.

Zyon Cavalera
Zyon Cavalera

The record starts at breakneck speed with “We Sold Our Souls To Metal” which is as lyrically throwaway as the title suggests. The tracks slows before morphing into the title track which is a masterpiece reminiscent of black metal titans Behemoth.

Tony Campos
Tony Campos

The interesting thing about this particular album is that the majority of the lyrics discuss religion and mythology in songs such as “Sodomites”, “Bethlehem’s Blood” and “Shamash”.

Musically there is plenty of dischordant guitar parts, groove metal riffs, shredding solos, fast and intense drumwork and solid bass playing topped off with Cavalera’s distinctive vocal delivery.

This is another really good album to add to Cavalera’s legacy with Soulfly, Sepultura and Cavalera Conspiracy. The pick of the tracks, for me, are “Ishtar Rising”, “Archangel”, “Sodomites”, “Titans” and the distinctive instrumental “Soulfly X”. Recommended listening…


“Archangel” tracklist:

1. We Sold Our Souls To Metal / 2. Archangel / 3. Sodomites / 4. Ishtar Rising / 5. Live Life Hard! / 6. Shamash / 7. Bethlehem’s Blood / 8. Titans / 9. Deceiver / 10. Mother Of Dragons / 11. You Suffer / 12. Acosador Nocturno / 13. Soulfly X


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