Stowfield Quarry

Been suffering from a cold for the past few days so, once the kids were safely dispatched off to school this morning, I thought that I would take the dog for a gentle walk in the woods.

Dingle Wood
Dingle Wood

I do like to take her to different places to keep the interest up for both her and I, and so it was that I decided to start from the lay-by on Scowles Road and head off into Dingle Wood on the Stowfield Quarry side of the road.

Dingle Wood
Dingle Wood

It was a rather foggy morning today, so visibility wasn’t great over any kind of distance, but it did make for some quite beautiful scenery. I must say that it never ceases to amaze me the number of times I seem to come across shelters constructed from branches dotted around when I’m out walking and riding through the forestry!

Scowles In Dingle Wood
Scowles In Dingle Wood

Having skirted around one edge of the quarry where the lake is, we then began the descent through the scowles found deep in the woods before arriving next to the actual quarry entrance.

Stowfield Quarry Perimeter

We crossed over the entrance road and made our way back into the woods on the opposite side, heading in the general direction of Staunton, which entailed finding a path through a tricky area of further scowles, fallen trees, dense undergrowth etc.

Endomondo Map
Endomondo Map

My four-legged friend found this all to be great fun, leaping over branches and fallen tree trunks and charging through the undergrowth. Funny, then, that she can’t seem to make it through a partially open doorway at home unless you open it fully for her!?!

Spider's Web
Spider’s Web

The weather highlighted some amazing spider webs in numerous places along our walk, with some excellent examples close to the perimeter of the quarry.

Stowfield Quarry - Western Perimeter
Stowfield Quarry – Western Perimeter

Getting back onto a forest road briefly, we then headed south along the western edge of the quarry, where the fog was particularly thick, making visibiity of the quarry itself non-existent. In fact, the image at the top of this post is a picture taken this morning looking over the greenery down into the quarry!

Fog Through The Trees In Bonds Wood
Fog Through The Trees In Bond’s Wood

Now in Bond’s Wood, and realising that if we carried on heading due south we would end up having a steep walk back to the car up Scowles Road we decided (well, I did, since by now I was literally dripping with sweat – so much for a gentle walk!) to try to follow as closely as possible to the edge of the quarry with the aim of perhaps staying on higher ground until we were closer to the car.

Stowfield Quarry - South Western Edge
Stowfield Quarry – South-Western Edge

That didn’t exactly work out as hoped and, after much slipping and sliding on the banks of the hill along the south-western edge of the quarry, we eventually reached Scowles Road just up the hill from the old Newland railway station, meaning that we still had to walk most of the way back up the road!

Scowles Road
View From Scowles Road

The dog still had bags of energy at this point and, having been put back on her lead now that we were on the road, proceeded to try to drag me up the hill! There was just time to take one more photo looking westerly towards Redbrook, and Wales beyond, on the way up.

As I write this now, having refreshed myself with a nice long bath on our return, the dog is lying next to me and, just to prove that I’m not the only one who had a good workout on our walk, is currently upside down with her paws in the air and snoring her head off!…Endomondo Stats


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