Evil Is Coming…

Last night we watched a great independent movie from New Zealand. Written and directed by newcomer Jason Lei Howden, the film is a horror comedy called “Deathgasm”.


Milo Cawthorne
Milo Cawthorne

Brodie (Milo Cawthorne – “Blood Punch”, “Power Rangers R.P.M.”) is a heavy metal obsessed teenager who has to go and live with his Uncle, Aunt, and cousin when his widowed mother is put into a mental institution.

Colin Moy
Nick Hoskins-Smith, Colin Moy & Jodie Rimmer

Uncle Albert (Colin Moy – “Emperor”, “Orphans & Kingdoms”) and Aunt Mary (Jodie Rimmer – “Everything We Loved”, “Apron Strings”) are fundamentalist Christians and don’t take to well to Brodie’s life style, seeing him as a Satanist. To make matters worse, his cousin David (Nick Hoskins-Smith – “The Brokenwood Mysteries”) torments Brodie at every available opportunity, especially at school.

Sam Berkley
Sam Berkley, Milo Cawthorne & Daniel Cresswell

Brodie does make a couple of friends at school in role-playing geeks Dion (Sam Berkley – “Jake”, “Go Girls”) and Giles (Daniel Cresswell – “3 Mile Limit”), who are also regular targets for David and his buddies.

James Blake & Milo Cawthorne

Visiting the local record shop to browse through the metal LPs, Brodie meets fellow metalhead Zakk (James Blake – “Hot Rob”), bonding over the albums they like – and their mutual disdain for false metal in the form of Poison!

Sam Berkley, James Blake, Daniel Cresswell & Milo Cawthorne

Before long the pair have formed a band in Brodie’s Uncle’s garage with Dion and Giles, and come up with the delightful moniker of Deathgasm.

Stephen Ure
Stephen Ure

Zakk takes Brodie sneaking into a seemingly derelict house – which turns out to be the home of reclusive metal star Rikki Daggers (Stephen Ure – “Perfect Creature”, “The Hobbit”), leader of Haxansword, a cult band whose album is very rare and valuable.

The Manuscript
The Manuscript

When a mysterious suited man turns up Rikki gives them his copy of the record and they flee, only to discover when they get home that there is a different record inside the sleeve. They also discover an old handwritten manuscript inscribed in Latin within the album sleeve.

Sam Berkley, James Blake, Daniel Cresswell & Milo Cawthorne
Sam Berkley, James Blake, Daniel Cresswell & Milo Cawthorne

Later Deathgasm don corpse paint and head off into the woods to shoot a video for their song “Intestinal Bungy Jump”, which is one of many really funny scenes in the movie.

Milo Cawthorne Kimberley Crossman
Milo Cawthorne & Kimberley Crossman

Afterwards it becomes clear that David’s girlfriend Medina (Kimberley Crossman – “Shortland Street”, “#TheAssignment”) is taken with Brodie and they spend some time getting to know each other.

The Translation
The Translation

Brodie translates the Latin and realises that the music is a Black Hymn written with the aim of giving whoever plays it ultimate power and fortune. When he is later beaten up by David he persuades the band to play it – little realising that the music will also summon a demon named Aeloth The Blind One and turn the townsfolk into demonic zombies.

DeathgasmIt’s up to Brodie and his friends, together with Medina, to defeat the demon and the zombies before it’s too late!…

I absolutely loved this movie, from the opening credits onwards. There is loads of gore, tons of humour and just as much great heavy metal music on offer. Perfect for the teenage metalhead still stuck inside me somewhere. Some of the visual gags are inspired, such as when “Hail Satan” is written in napalm on the garden lawn, but misspelt as “Hail Satin”. Brilliant!

I could go on and on about this film, but at the end of the day you’d be much better off watching it than reading what I think! A superbly funny and gory film, and a future cult classic, methinks…



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