Always Bring Protection

Last night my wife and I were in the mood for a bit of comedy so decided to check out the recent comedy horror film “Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse” from director Christopher Landon (“Burning Palms”, “Paranormal Activity : Marked Ones”).


Blake Anderson
Blake Anderson

The janitor at a scientific facility, Ron (Blake Anderson – “Dope”, “Bad Neighbours”), is gradually making his way around the building when, with the scientist out of a room, a mishap with a mysterious patient unleashes an unexpected viral plague.

David Koechner
David Koechner

Meanwhile, in a high school, Dolly Parton mega-fan Scout Leader Rogers (David Koechner – “Cheap Thrills”, “Piranha 3DD”) is giving a presentation to try to recruit new members to his scout troop. With him are scout members Ben Goudy (Tye Sheridan – “Dark Places”, “The Stanford Prison Experiment”), typically sex-obsessed Carter Grant (Logan Miller – “Shadow Walkers”, “The Stanford Prison Experiment”)  and nerdy Augie Foster (newcomer Joey Morgan). As usual they gain precisely no new recruits.

Ben Goudy
Tye Sheridan, Joey Morgan & Logan Miller

Carter and Ben are having doubts about remaining scouts with junior year coming up, worried that they will be unable to attract the opposite sex. The pair are due to camp out overnight, with Augie and Scout Leader Rogers, in order for Augie to receive his Condor Badge and en-route Ben hits a deer with his car.

Halston Sage
Halston Sage

Carter’s sister Kendall (Halston Sage – “Goosebumps”, “Poker Night”) turns up with some friends and he manages to get details of a secret party taking place that night which his crush Chloe (Niki Koss – “Stepdaughter”, “The Appearing”) will be attending. While Ben is talking to Kendall the dead deer mysteriously vanishes from the road.

Reaching the campsite and finding Augie but no Scout Leader Rogers, Carter persuades Ben to sneak away when it’s dark to go to the party.

Logan Miller, Ben Goudy  Elle Evans
Logan Miller, Tye Sheridan & Elle Evans

Stopping off to buy beer they see that the doorman from the strip club opposite is absent and decide to sneak into the club where Ben and Carter watch one of the dancers Amber (Elle Evans – “Muse”, “The Love Witch”) entranced until they suddenly realise that she’s a zombie!

Sarah Dumont
Sarah Dumont

He and Carter make their escape, together with a cocktail waitress from the club, Denise Russo (Sarah Dumont – “Don Jon”, “Oh, You Pretty Things!”), who is handy with a shotgun thanks to a gun-obsessed ex-boyfriend.

Before long this unlikely trio, together with Augie, find themselves fighting marauding zombies appearing from all directions whilst all the while trying to get to the party in time to save Kendall and friends…

Tye Sheridan, Joey Morgan, Logan Miller  Sarah Dumont
Tye Sheridan, Joey Morgan, Logan Miller & Sarah Dumont

I would imagine that the target demographic for this film is mainly teenagers, and probably male ones at that, given the general level of humour and sexual references dotted throughout the movie. That said, both of us found a lot of the film very funny and there were some inventive sight gags – often in the background of a scene – which we felt gave a nice twist on the usual zombie theme.

No, it’s not big or particularly clever, and there do seem to be millions of zombie films around of late, but sometimes you just need to be entertained and have a good laugh – and this film delivers really well on both of those fronts. Recommended…



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