OK, so we’re just into the new year and I’ve discovered a new band at just the right time! Formed in California in 2005, New Years Day have thus far released three studio albums.

Ash Costello
Ash Costello

The band was started by singer Ash Costello, bassist Adam Lohrbach and guitarist / keyboardist Keith Drover. These three, with the addition of lead guitarist Mike Schoolden and drummer Russell Dixon would be responsible for debut album “My Dear” in 2007 – almost all the material for which was written by Lohrbach who left the band in 2008 following their record label going bankrupt. Drover and Schoolden also departed.

New Years Day In 2013
New Years Day In 2013

By the time album number two “Victim To Villain” hit the shelves in 2013 Costello and Dixon had been joined by guitarists Nikki Misery and Jake Jones along with bassist Anthony Barro in the latest incarnation of the band. Several other members had, however, come and gone in the meantime.

Nikki Misery
Nikki Misery

October 2015 saw the release of “Malevolence”, the outfit’s third album. The line-up for this record has only Costello and Misery remaining from 2013 and introduces new guitarist Jeremy Valentyne. Drums were, I believe, provided by Nick Rossi.

Jeremy Valentyne
Jeremy Valentyne

From what I can gather the current drummer for the group is named Trixx and bass duties are being handled by Brandon Wolfe – although neither are listed as members of the band on their Facebook page.

What of the record though? Well, it kicks off with lead single “Kill Or Be Killed” and it is immediately obvious that the band have taken a big step forward since “Victim To Villain”.

Ash Costello
Ash Costello

Costello’s vocals are stronger and more assured whilst also showing a greater range and depth than previously. Clearly she’s not just another pretty goth chick. Musically we’re talking gothic tinged heavy rock, not a million miles away from the likes of In This Moment. Strong melodies and memorable choruses with some razor-sharp guitar sounds and very good drumming.

My favourite tracks are currently “Save Myself From Me”, “Anthem Of The Unwanted”, “Scream” and the title track. New Years Day aren’t offering something particularly new but have enough quality to be able to take become pretty big if they can get enough momentum going. Well worth a spin…Tour-New-Years-Day-2015

“Malevolence” tracklist:

1. Kill Or Be Killed / 2. I’m About To Break You / 3. Alone / 4. Left Inside / 5. Relentless / 6. Save Myself From Me / 7. Suffer / 8. Anthem For The Unwanted / 9. Scream / 10. Your Ghost / 11. Defame Me / 12. Malevolence


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