We Rise

devilskin top

Discovered a new band today. Hailing from New Zealand, Devilskin are a heavy metal band formed in 2010.

Jennie Skulander
Jennie Skulander

The group consists of vocalist Jennie Skulander, guitarist Nail, bassist Paul Martin and drummer Nic Martin (son of Paul).

Debut album “We Rise” was released in July 2014 in their homeland but has only recently been unleashed on the rest of the world, with the UK release being November 2015, preceded by single “Little Pills”.

Paul Martin & Nail
Paul Martin & Nail

Things kick off with the strangely titled “Elvis Presley Circle Pit” which seems to have nothing to do with either the king of rock n’ roll or circle pits, but it is a chugging metal tune with solid guitars and drums topped off with Jennie’s remarkable voice. At times reminiscent of Lzzy Hale she has a powerful voice that can soar and be beautifully clear and then suddenly be growling like the a death metal vocalist.

Nic Martin
Nic Martin

At other times, such as on the lovely ballad “Fade” the vocals are totally appropriate for the style and supported by some decent harmony backing vocals.

Nail’s guitar playing is excellent throughout, with some great riffs and some flashy and memorable solos dotted about too.


“Never See The Light” begins with the rhythm section of Paul and the very impressive Nic laying down a solid groove – with Nic’s introductory drum fill hinting at Guns N’ Roses’ “You Could Be Mine”.

Personal highlights on the record are the headbanging “Little Pills”, the anthemic “Start A Revolution”, the furious “Until You Bleed”, “Violation” and the superb “Dirt”.

Jennie Skulander
Jennie Skulander

The band have a fairly unique aesthetic, with Jennie having very much a Fifties style rock ‘n’ roll meets burlesque kind of image and both Nail and Paul sporting distinctive beards giving them the appearance of brothers.

Most importantly, however, they are a very good band. The songs are consistently good across the album and each member really pulls their weight and shines. “We Rise” is a very impressive debut album and I believe that Devilskin are a band that should go far…devilskin btm

“We Rise” tracklist:

1. Elvis Presley Circle Pit / 2. Little Pills / 3. Vessel / 4. Start A Revolution / 5. Never See The Light / 6. Until You Bleed / 7. Fade / 8. Surrender / 9. Burning Tree / 10. The Horror / 11. Violation / 12. Covet / 13. Cherophobia (The Failure In Me) / 14. Dirt


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