Symonds Yat Walk

Once we’d got the kids off to school this morning my wife and I decided to take the dog for a walk together and thought we would head to Symonds Yat for a change of scene.

Mailscot Wood

Having parked the car near to the “Log Cabin” cafe (which is closed at this time of year) on the eastern side close to Symonds Yat Rock we headed south into Mailscot Wood.

Mailscot Wood

Naturally our four-legged companion was darting off investigating all the new scents and attempting to chase the occasional bird, whilst I discovered yet another makeshift structure – I seem to stumble across these on a regular basis when out and about around here!

River Wye

Before long we found the path that we were on took us to a viewpoint, where we were able to peer over the edge at the rather swollen River Wye below.

sy map
Endomondo Map

From there we slowly wandered, following the fencing at the edge of the land high above the river, in the general direction back towards Symonds Yat Rock.

Overlooking Symonds Yat West

Another viewpoint gave the perfect opportunity for a candid shot off my wonderful wife as she took in the view of the village on the opposite side of the valley.

Still Overlooking Symonds Yat West

Never being shy at coming foward and always wanting to be involved, the dog decided that she also needed to be in on the act, so joined in admiring the view – as can be seen here!

Symonds Yat

We were also able to see the large outcrop of rock that towers above the valley close-up. I’d never seen it from this angle before, only having viewed it from below, so was a little surprised to see just how far out from the cliff face that it actually seems to be.

View From Symonds Yat Rock

Passing the “Log Cabin” on our way, we then walked across the wooden bridge that crosses over the road and up to Symonds Yat Rock itself, from where there are stunning views on the Wye Valley. I had to put the dog back on her lead at this point as she seemed a little bit too keen to have a look over the relatively low wall for my liking. We’d had a lovely walk and the last thing we needed was for her to disappear over the edge of the cliff and down into the valley hundreds of feet below!

Not one of our longest, or most energetic, walks by any means, it was a lovely stroll on a beautifully crisp morning with great company – not a bad way to start a day!…

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Endomondo Stats

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