For The Virgins Of Rainmouth, Things Are Going To Get Hairy!

Horror comedy time last night with the 2012 film directed by Andy De Emmony (“West Is West”, “Score”) called “Love Bite”.


Ed Speleers
Ed Speleers

Jamie (Ed Speleers – “Howl”, “Eragon”) is a teenager living in the seaside town of Rainmouth-on-Sea, working in his alcoholic mother Natalie’s (Kierston Wareing – “Bonded By Blood”, “The Holding”) guest house.

Luke Pasqualino, Ed Speleers
Luke Pasqualino, Daniel Kendrick, Ed Speleers & Robin Morrissey

Jamie and his mates Kev (Luke Pasqualino – “The Musketeers”, “The Apparition”), Spike (Daniel Kendrick – “The Riot Club”, “Party Party”) and Bruno (Robin Morrissey – “Fracture”, “Cloud Atlas”) are mainly interested in trying to get laid, but none of them are exactly a hit with the ladies.

Jessica Szohr
Jessica Szohr

This changes for Jamie when sexy American blog writer Juliana (Jessica Szohr – “Gossip Girl”, “Piranha 3D”) shows up at a party the boys have blagged their way into one night. He is instantly smitten, but is confused when Juliana keeps disappearing suddenly and more so when a mysterious new guest at the hotel, Sid (Timothy Spall – “Wake Wood”, “Vanilla Sky”) warns him off Juliana.

Timothy Spall
Timothy Spall

Making a mess of things with Juliana, fending off the official attentions of police Sgt. Rooney (Robert Pugh – “The Last Legion”, “The Ghost”) and the unwanted advances of the policeman’s daughter Alicia (Rosie Sansom – “Scott & Bailey”, “Doctors”) and a middle-aged woman at the guest house, things take a turn for the strange when young locals including his friend Bruno start to vanish.

Robert Pugh
Robert Pugh

Jamie is told by Sid that there is a werewolf on the prowl every full moon that only targets virgins – which includes Jamie himself. This makes Jamie’s desire to lose his virginity stronger. But that suddenly becomes more difficult than ever!…

Generally this film seems to have received pretty poor reviews, which I think is a shame. A kind of cross between “The Inbetweeners” and “An American Werewolf In London”, there is no gore in this movie but plenty of juvenile humour.

Perhaps it’s the inner teenager in me that found this film funny, I guess you’d have to say the same about my wife who also found it most funny and entertaining. There are much worse ways you could spend 91 minutes, that’s for sure. Definitely worth a watch if the humour of “The Inbetweeners” appeals to you…


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