University Has Just Become A Dangerous Place

“University has just become a dangerous place… The body of a young woman is found on a Sussex golf course.
She is a student at a local university.
She was a model on a pornographic website, owned by two of her lecturers.

Jon Lehman is the victim’s Business Studies lecturer.
He is fond of booze and bedding female students.
DI Angus Henderson brings him in for questioning – with tragic consequences for him.

Dominic Green is a local gangster.
He is a fellow investor in the porn website.
He moves to protect his investment – with painful consequences for his enemies.

DI Henderson believes the web site is key to unlocking this case.
He digs deeper and deeper until…he is confronted by two vicious animals – but only one of them is human.”81SLY+AlDKL

“One Last Lesson” is the debut novel from British author Iain Cameron. Based in Sussex, Cameron has set this story – the first of four (so far) in a series of police procedurals featuring the lead character of DI Angus Henderson – in and around the Brighton area.

Iain Cameron
Iain Cameron

This is an interesting choice given that there is already a pretty successful series of similar novels set in Brighton – the Roy Grace novels from Peter James. This may perhaps have coloured by judgement of this book slightly as I am a confirmed fan of the Grace tales. It was initially odd to be reading about some locations that are so familiar from Peter James’s work with non of those familiar characters being present!

That said, the greater problem that I had with this book was the fact that there are numerous errors present. For example one character’s surname changes spelling on more than one occasion, there are punctuation issues (commas where they surely shouldn’t be as they break up the flow of the text) and sometimes simply the wrong word completely. Whether the fault for this can be laid at the door of the author, his proof reader or the publisher I don’t know but it definitely impaired my overall enjoyment of the story.

The tale itself is decent enough. I felt that some of the strands of the story just seemed to disappear without any resolution and the final stages were a little weak but there is certainly some promise here. Not a classic debut then, but I will give the Angus Henderson series another spin with the second novel “Driving Into Darkness” at some point before deciding whether the keep following these books as I do the Roy Grace stories…book1

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