In These Woods, From These Mountains


Tomas Thormodsæter "Samoth" Haugen
Tomas Thormodsæter “Samoth” Haugen

A band that have recently assaulted by senses for the first time are Norwegian band The Wretched End. Formed in 2008, the group initially comprised just guitarist Tomas Thormodsæter “Samoth” Haugen and guitarist / bassist / vocalist André “Cosmo” Søgnen.

Samoth had previously been a member of black metal band Zyklon and has been in black metal legends Emperor since the early 1990s. For his part Cosmo is also a member of Mindgrinder, another black metal band.

André "Cosmo" Søgnen
André “Cosmo” Søgnen

By the time the band’s debut album “Ominous” was recorded and hit the shelves in 2010 the pair had been joined by drummer Nils “Dominator” Fjellström of black metal act Dark Funeral.

Second album “Inroads” followed in 2012 and now, after a four-year gap, comes album number three “In These Woods, From These Mountains” – a title that evokes imagery similar to that seen on the album cover before you even see it.

Nils "Dominator" Fjellström
Nils “Dominator” Fjellström

Despite the band members’ backgrounds the sound of The Wretched End is probably best described as simply extreme metal, containing, as it does, elements of black metal, death metal and thrash metal. That said, now that I’ve had a chance to hear their back catalogue too I reckon that the new album is the most black metal sounding, to me, of the three. Indeed Samoth has been quoted as saying that “It’s great to finally have this album ready for release. It took us some years for various reasons; different things in our every day and professional lives that took a lot of focus on our parts. We never felt any great pressure.  Looking back, I think the whole process affected the album in a positive way. I personally feel I’ve almost come full circle with this new album, bringing more elements rooted in the darkness of black metal.”

Attila Csihar
Attila Csihar

The album kicks off with the furious sounding “Dead Icons”, a fabulous slice of black metal with all the requisite glacial guitar sounds, blastbeat drumming and guttural vocal delivery. This leads into the slightly more sedate “Primordial Freedom”, before “Old Norwegian Soul” brings the first guest appearance on the album with Attila Csihar, vocalist with fellow Norwegian black metallers Mayhem, lending his pipes to the track.

Einar Solberg
Einar Solberg

The other guests crop up on the final track “Dewy Fields”, which is a cover of a track by Norwegian pop act Bel Canto. This features vocals from Leprous member Einar Solberg and programming work from Lars Sørensen of Red Harvest. This particular track feels somewhat out of place stylistically to be honest and I’m not sure that the album wouldn’t have been better without it tacked onto the end.

The Wretched EndHowever, prior to that, the rest of the album continues with some solid black metal tunes, the best of which are probably “Atheos”, “Generic Drone” and the fabulous “The Decline And Fall”. Granted there’s nothing really groundbreaking to be found on this record but this is nonetheless a worthwhile black metal album that could easily soundtrack a journey down from the mountains of Norway and into the woods on a particularly bleak day and I’d say that it’s the best of the band’s work to date…btm

“In These Woods, From These Mountains” tracklist:

1. Dead Icons / 2. Primordial Freedom / 3. Old Norwegian Soul / 4. Misery Harbour / 5. Atheos / 6. The Decline And Fall / 7. Burrowing Deep / 8. Dewy Fields


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